Build in public andcreate an audience

Get engagement from customers & fellow makers for what you build right from day one

Build an authentic community just by sharing what you encounter everyday as a founder

How to build in public with Astramind?

Create a Timeline

A timeline describes the sequence of events on your product journey

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Post updates about your product on the timeline

Make short posts describing an update under relevant categories

Engage with makers & customers through your posts

Customers and makers get to know your timeline from the discovery section and engage with your product

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Get rewarded with valuable insights & customers for your product

Customers and makers following you can stay updated with updates on your timeline & also catch up with you on future products

View Timelines from Makers

Why Astramind?

Creating an audience made fun on Astramind

Multiple Timelines

Create as many products as you wish through multiple timelines and let the community know what you're building

Collaborate with fellow makers

Collaborate and build in public with multiple makers on a single timeline

Product Discovery

Your product gets exposed to makers and potential customers on Astramind

Faster Feedback & Iteration

Collect valuable feedback from the community & ship quickly

Subscribe & Watch Timelines

Fascinated by a maker? Follow them to stay tuned for new timelines & updates

Points to extend your reach

Engage and interact with the community posts to increase your reputation points & level up

Let's build a community around your productAstramind for Makers